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Breeze Trolley Stops

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With 21 published trolley stops, we've made it "easy breezy" to Catch The Breeze!

All stops are marked with a decorative trolley stop sign and route maps along the roadway, so you will know you're in the right place to catch the Breeze. Since our drivers will only stop at many of the stops if there are passengers waiting or requesting to de-board, we recommend giving the driver a wave to be sure they see that you are wanting to get onboard.

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South Island Route Stops:
  1. Shelter Cove Towne Centre (in front of Jane Bistro)
  2. Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina (by Neptune Statue)
  3. Village at Wexford at US 278 (southbound)
  4. Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort (southbound)
  5. Park Plaza
  6. Deallyon at Cordillo Parkway
  7. Lowcountry Celebration Park/The Sandbox Museum
  8. Coligny Beach Park
  9. Courtyard by Marriott Hotel
  10. Waterside Resort at Pope Avenue
  11. Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort (northbound)
  12. Village at Wexford at Dunnagans Alley (northbound)

Mid-Island Route Stops:
  1. Shelter Cove Towne Centre (in front of Jane Bistro)
13.  Hilton Head Resort at US 278
14.  Folly Field Road at Lucky Beach & Adventure Cove
15.  Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort
16.  Island Club on Folly Field Road
17.  Marriott Barony Beach on Folly Field Road
18.  Westin Hilton Head Island Resort and Spa
19.  Port Royal Golf and Racquet Club
20.  Island Links Resort on Coggins Point Road
21.  Shelter Cove Lane at US 278

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