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Bikes on The Breeze


All of The Breeze’s fixed-route vehicles are equipped with bicycle racks. This allows passengers who need to use a bicycle as transportation to or away from our trolley stops to be able to take the bicycle along with them. The bicycle racks are simple to use and are capable of carrying two bikes at the same time. See the video link at right for a demonstration.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Use the Bicycle Racks:

  1. Make sure the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

  2. Squeeze the release handle on the bike rack and slowly lower the rack to the down position.

  3. Place front tire in the slot marked “put front tire here.” The front tire should always be on the same side as the securing hook.

  4. The tire securing hook is spring loaded. Pull straight out on the hook and pull up and over the front tire. Release to allow the hook to fit over the tire.

  5. Your bicycle has been secured.

  6. Be sure to advise the bus driver when de-boarding that you will be retrieving your bicycle.


Bike rack in mirror.jpg
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